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Two years in Iraq and two years of the Patriot Act. Do you feel any safer? Are we as free as before?

Welcome to the Sovereign and Free web site!. We hope that you will find, in this site, the information you desire to reclaim your freedom and sovereignty as well as the tools you need to maintain your freedom, privacy and sovereignty. There is much going on with Sovereign and Free. One of the things you will notice, recently, is that three of our products have moved to the member's only site, Now, on that site, member's have the privilege of purchasing three of our products for immediate download at a discounted member's only price.


I have a fairly thorough law library for sale. This is not an exhaustive library, but it does cover quite a bit and is not for the faint of heart. It would cost a lot to ship, but this could be negotiated. It would be better if someone would pick it up in person. It would fit in the back of a pickup. Here is what I have:
The Code of Federal Regulations - 2002-2003 - paperback - over 175 volumes
United States Code Anotated - hardback - 35-40 volumes
Federal Practice Digest - hardback - 40+ volumes
American Jurisprudence - hardback - 20+ volumes
ULA (UCC Books)- hardback - about 8 volumes
West's Federal Practice Digest - paperback - 40+ volumes
If you would like to give these interesting books a home, with the subject LAW BOOKS and make me an offer as well as inform me of how you would obtain them and when as well as how you would intend to use them. I am more interested in getting these into the hands of someone who would use them rather than making a lot of money.

Beginning later this month, members on the member's only site will be able to download a free product each month. We won't tell you what the product is, it could be an article, a legal document, a book or just about anything. The free product will change every month. You are encouraged to become a member of Sovereign and Free so you can get in on the action and the fun, not to mention the freebies and specials. In addition, members are able to access certain features such as sample court documents for their own use and tutorials as well as a new chat area that is much more appealing and easier to use. Also, on this site, members are made aware of special connections and alliances that we have made.

Don't forget to visit our other Sovereign and Free site, Sovereign and where you can find information on different court cases around the country as those who are involved in them post information to help all of us in our struggles to remain free.

Due to pending litigation against our provider of tax-related materials, we have pulled all tax related items from the site pending final court determination as to their legality. We want to provide you with truthful information, especially when it details the lies of the government against the Constitution and the people. However, we wish to do so without violating any other Constitutional laws.

Speaking of Constitutional laws, we will be adding to this site, very soon, pocket Constitutions of the United States along with their amendments. There will be a limited edition of leather bound pocket Constitutions available as well as the regular paperback version. In addition, in time for Christmas, we will be offering a limited edition of bound documents that made us what we are today, including copies of the actual letters and drafts from famous Americans such as George Washington, Abe Lincoln and so on. watch here for more news of these things. Members will be offered these items first and at a discount.

OUR REQUIRED DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this site is for your educational purposes. Before you attempt any particular strategy, you should educate yourself to make sure it is going to accomplish what you desire. By using any of the information or services contained in this site, you agree to hold us harmless and free from all liability for the outcome of any results that occur from using any of this information or from applying any particular strategy. You agree to assume all responsibility for educating yourself in these matters and for any outcome that follows from applying any of this information to yourself. We do not assure that anything provided on this site is accurate nor do we make any other claims as to it's legitimacy or authenticity.

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